NOBORDERS is a travelling event including documentaries, an art exhibition, and debates to raise awareness about an uncomfortable (but necessary) topic: Are we OK with a society that fails to fulfil its moral and legal obligations with refugees?

A refugee is someone who escapes. They need to because they are on the losing side, because they think, love or pray in a different way than the people in power.

NO BORDERSthrough documentaries, debates and art, helps us connect with the lives and stories of these people, who are just looking for a better life, a chance to start again.

Los objetivos de NO BORDERS main goal is to raise awareness amongst people so that we can all together demand the acceptance of refugees. Our second goal is to raise funds to keep working on the EU borders to help those who cannot go back to their countries or reach a new destination. Our activity is about fighting for the human rights of refugees and also recovering our own dignity as human beings.

All the budget to organize the NO BORDERS events is financed thanks to the collaboration and implication of public and private organizations. This way we can give all we raise to projects helping refugees.  

NO BORDERS was born in Sant Lluís, Menorca, but it is an event designed so it can be exported to any city. In 2018 we took it to Artà (Mallorca) and Fanzara (Castellón). In 2019 we visited Barcelona, and organized a second edition in Sant Lluís. You can contact us for more information.

There are many people and institutions that believe we can do a lot to help. NO BORDERS is a way of starting to do something to change things.

Raise awareness and increase the pressure on our governments so they fulfil their responsibility and act in accordance with the demands of the people

We raise awareness through movies and art because those are our fields, and because we believe that culture can be a way of triggering change. Through culture we can get to know and understand other people, those people who are often depicted as a threat to us. Through cinema and art we can discover they are people just like us, with the same dreams, aspirations, and worries. Culture helps us lose our fear of others, those others who could actually be ourselves, who are going through a situation we once went through, and we could go through again.

Raise funds to protect people trapped in the European Union borders

We also believe this project will help us recover part of the dignity that our governments took away from us.

As refugees are doing now, we have also escaped from wars, dictatorships, hunger, and lack of opportunity. This kind of journey is never an easy one, but now people who escape are not receiving the protection they need. They are rejected and persecuted in the countries where they seek asylum.


Wheres does the money go?

All the money raised is used to help refugees in the EU borders, where we collaborate with small organizations who offer basic needs (food, clothes, shelter, etc.) to those who need it most. That is, people trapped between borders who cannot move either forwards or backwards. The situation in these areas is very harsh and constantly changing. That means everything can change in one day (evictions, massive arrests, etc.), so the funds raised can be destined to different organizations depending on the current circumstances.

You can follow us in our social networks to be informed at all times.

The participating movie directos and artists are paid?

No, the directors have allowed us to use and showcase their work unselfishly. Some of them also gave us their time, and will come to the event to talk about their movies.

The artists who participate in the exhibition with their works of art do so also without asking for anything in return.
We can all do something to help and change things, they already started.

Do you receive any economic help from institutions?

Yes, this project wouldn't be possible without the help and involvement of public institutions.

Who is behind this project?

The Refugees Welcome Menorca platform with the help of a small group of fantastic people who work hard without getting paid:

Ilia: Member of the platform. She manages the volunteers who help during the event, the collection of funds, and the projects to which the raised money is given.

Dani (Hombrelópez): He is in charge of the graphic design, curates the artists who participate in the show, and manages all the art direction of NO BORDERS. He also made a paella in his house this Sunday to keep working on the project. He is also in charge of mobilizing people in other cities.

Joan: Director of the documentary Sinaia, Beyond the Ocean. He is in charge of the movies section, selecting the documentaries that will be shown and bringing other directors to talk about their movies during the event.

Carlos: He is in charge of the general production and logistics of the project, he also writes our texts (like this one) and anything else we may need.

We also have the invaluable support of some local artists and curators who help us bring NO BORDERS to other cities because they believe in the cause. Such as Aída Gómez in Berlin, Javier Arribas in Soria, and Bubbles & Justin Case in Barcelona.

We truly believe that everybody can do something. We are already making a change, join us!

Press Kit

Are you a journalist looking for information about us? A blogger who wants to write about NOBORDERS? Or you just want to share some information about the project because you also believe in our cause? You can download our dossier in which you will find all the information about the event.

We are social!

Social Art

All these artists are doing something for the cause. They shared with us their works that will be exhibited in all the shows we are organizing in different cities. All of them are sold at the same price (5€) and all the money raised selling prints will be given to organizations and projects helping refugees.