It is a Spanish humanitarian NGO helping refugees stuck at the Serbian border forests, close to the northern fences of Hungary, and also in the borderlands with Croatia, on the West.

Since April 2018, JUTT Helping People are also providing basic assistance to refugees living in settlements close to these border areas.

They collaborate with local organizations to fight poverty in this area of the Balkan country.

On 2015 the European Union closed their borders. The Serbian-Hungarian border is one of the most dangerous and silenced ones, where hunger, extreme cold, beatings, torture and even death are terribly common.

What are the donations used for:

• Food
• Clothing and shoes
• Camping tents
• Sleeping bags
• Diapers

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Oli Mazi is a project that started on Tessalonika (Greece) and then moved to Athens. We cook and distribute food for asylum seekers and refugees.
When distributing the food, we also give information about legal, medical, and basic needs services they can resort to in the city of Athens.
We own a flat in which the volunteer refugees participate in the project while they receive the support and advice they need with their asylum applications, we also help them find a job and receive training.

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No Name Kitchen (NNK) is a non-profit association made up of volunteers from different countries which operates in Šid (Serbia), 5 Km away from the Croatian border, and Velika Kladuša (Bosnia), 2 Km away from the Croatian border.

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Open arms is a non-profit NGO which main goal is to rescue people who try to reach Europe escaping from armed conflicts, persecution or poverty. It was born from a lifeguard and sea rescue organization with many years of experience in the Spanish coastline.

Its mission is to watch and rescue boats filled with people travelling though the Aegean and Central Mediterranean seas, as well as condemning all the atrocities that are happening and being silenced.

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Press Kit

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